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an image of three people with bananas on their backs saying raise your hand if you've ever done this
a pink background with the words i'm fine until i see kids my age having fun
Alexa play jealousy jealousy by Olivia Rodrigo
a girl with long hair wearing a pink shirt that says, just realized my future d
I wish it didn’t 😭
two cartoon images with one saying, i have two sides scared of anything lower than an a
an anime character holding a microphone with music notes coming out of her mouth and singing
꒰⌗´͈ ᵕ ॣ`͈⌗꒱৩
a rainbow colored tube with the words when you die and go to heaven this is the first thing you see
a white background with the words, i'm one of these people still too bright
an image of a cartoon character saying i want to finish school but i'm also scared of growing up and entering the real world
Me every single second
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a pink background with hearts and the words, life's fun until 6th grade
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persephone hendry
a man with his eyes closed and the words when my fav song stops hitting the same
an orange circle with the words things i will never do talk to my parents about my problems