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two knitted dolls sitting next to each other in front of a shelf with apples on it
Sommerhusliv Hele Aaret
several black and white paper stars on the floor next to a framed photo with crystals
Ganz einfache 3D Sterne falten
a red and white wall hanging with small houses on it's sides next to a heart
25 Amazing Christmas Home Sewing Projects - My Sewing Box
red candies are on display for sale at a market stall with deer antlers in the background
Persönliche Gastgeschenke – das besondere Dankeschön an Eure Gäste
some glass jars with candles in them and snowflakes hanging from the top one
Winter - Bine Brändle
a christmas wreath hanging on the side of a wooden fence with holly and red berries
love this fir Sunday River house
instructions for making a danish christmas heart
How to make Danish Christmas Hearts - Download the instructions
Danish Christmas Hearts - this is something that is a family tradition in my house. I remember making them when I was little with my grandmother and mom and now I do it with my mom and my kids. I love incorporating traditional Danish Christmas into our home every year makes me feel like my grand parents are still with us :)
an image of different shapes and sizes of hair combs, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration
Scandinavian Christmas Paper Hearts