I am allllllready dead...

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two different shots of the same man in front of a city at night and one with his eyes closed
Lowell died when she didn't pull the trigger, Drake died when she did
four pictures of a shirtless man with blood all over his body and chest, looking at the camera
the many faces of an older man with white hair
#iZombie - Blaine & Drake #Season2 #2x09
two people sitting in a car with the caption life is only the story of death
two people talking to each other with the caption that says we get drunk and play do dump, or date, boy band edition?
#iZombie 1x07 "Maternity Liv" - Liv and Lowell
the vampire is lying in bed with his shirt down, and he has no shirt on
two women talking to each other with the caption that says i want you out of here now
the doctor is talking to someone about what he's doing in front of him
Blaine DeBeers #iZombie // #Season1 vs. #Season2<<Why is this a thing?
Love, Instagram, It Cast, Izombie Cast, Malcolm
Malcolm Goodwin (@malcolmjgoodwin) on X
there is a collage of people in the living room and one person taking a selfie
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a fire place with a lamp
three people posing for a photo in front of a wall
Malcolm, Rose and David #izombie
the actors are talking to each other about their roles in the show, and then they're on twitter
a man and woman hugging each other in front of a wall with comic characters on it
iZombie (2015)