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the letters are lit up in front of an orange and purple sky
Alpha Delta Pi<3
the coat of arms is shown in blue and gold
The best crest.
a group of women standing next to each other with the words first, finest, forever
Bethesda Case Story - Kotis Design
Diamonds are forever
some white balloons with owls on them sitting on a table
Harry Potter Party!
a woman standing in front of a white wall with the words, simple bow tie top
Simple Bow Tie Top : a tutorial
I want this!
a baby's room with pink walls and a bird nest hanging from the ceiling
Hanging Bouquet Mobile
A hanging flower mobile inspired by one in a Pottery Barn magazine
a pink iphone case with flowers on it
a dandelion with drops of water on it's top and the seeds still attached
two pink iphone cases with bows and diamonds on them, one is made out of plastic
two cartoon characters holding hands with the caption friend ship forever
friendship forever