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an assortment of items laid out on a white carpet, including a bow and arrow
Mongol set from leather - Recurvebowshop
Mongol Set
an image of a person doing exercises on the back and side of their body with different positions
Ottoman Turkish archery bow drawing technique
In archery, it is important to keep your shoulders in line. In picture A, the individual would have a difficult time aiming because they are using their muscles to hold the bow. I realize that you use muscles to hold the bow, but in picture B, the individual is using the bones in their arm to hold the pressure of the bow, allowing for a steadier aim.
a man holding an arrow and aiming it at the target with his right hand while standing in front of a house
Read Our How-To Guides, Product Guides, And Reviews - BowAddicted
I learned how to make bows from this guys site. :3
a woman is aiming at an arrow with the words learn archery on it and in front of her
an open case with various tools inside it
Apollo Tactical Bow and Arrow Kit /// via
two bows and arrows are laying on the ground next to some hay, with another bow in the foreground
Bow that inspired my design for my hickory backed black cherry Turkish design horse bow. #bowsandcrossbows
there is a metal sign that says, always earned never given
Always Earned Never Given Medal Display Medal Hanger by SportHooks, $63.95 #karate
the man is practicing his archery skills on the wooden floor
Archery, good photo showing form; hand is near the corner of the mouth
what I look like :) Bows, Girls, Women, Cute, Amusing, Woman Archer, Ready, Noir
what I look like :)
a woman holding a bow and arrow in her hands
Young Olympic archer proves father knows best
Miranda Leek
a woman in red shirt holding a bow and aiming it at the target with both hands
Do some archery!
four different pictures of the same person with bows and arrows in their hands, one is aiming at an arrow
Basically, if you're cool, a bow and arrow are your weapons of choice.
archery gif | Tumblr
archery gif | Tumblr