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a cake decorated with greenery and a cross is on top of a white plate
Foliage Baptism Cake | Celebration Cakes Gallery
Foliage Baptism Cake | Party Cakes Gallery
a three tiered cake with teddy bears on top
Hempeä pastellisävyinen ristiäiskakku poikavauvalle
three clear vases with flowers in them on a table
there is a cake that has two bears on the top and a rainbow in the middle
Tauftorte - Bunter Regenbogen - Tortenfee Sabrina
Tauftorte - Bunter Regenbogen - Tortenfee Sabrina
two bracelets with wooden beads and green leaves on a white surface next to a pair of scissors
DIY Deko für eine Taufe: Fisch aus Holzperlen - Fräulein K. Sagt Ja
Mach deine Torte zum Hingucker
a person holding a baby in their hands with the words die schonstenn iden
Taufgottesdienst planen - Die schönsten Fürbitten und Lieder für die Kirche