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a woman walking down a hallway next to a plant hanging from the ceiling above her head
The space beneath a staircase is the ideal spot for pullouts and cabinets!🙌
the stairs are open and there is also a closet underneath them for shoes or other items
Unser Flur
Unser Flur – Vicky Hellmann
a bag sitting on the ground next to some stairs and a set of stairs with glass balconies
Sottotetto recuperato: 108+45 mq in formato famiglia - Cose di Casa
an empty room with white walls and wooden floors, stairs leading up to the second floor
PF architecture studio turns a 19th-century block into 11 apartments of different typology
a wooden wall with plants growing in it
there is a stair case in the middle of this room with no people around it
the stairs are made of wood and glass
a plant in a blue vase sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to stairs
Ohne sichtbaren Sockel, ohne Griffe und mit harmonischem Fugenbild ist der Treppen-Verkleidung aus Eiche nicht anzusehen, welche Funktionalitäten sich in ihr verbergen. #alpnachnorm
a wooden staircase with glass balustrades in a modern style home, leading up to the second floor
meier architekten - Objekt 336
meier architekten - Objekt 336 #architektur #architekturschweiz #architekturzürich #architekturbüro #designhaus #interiordesign #design