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Host a coffee with the counselor event at your school to connect with and support parents and families. This resource includes handouts, Powerpoint presentations that cover the following 10 topics: anger management for kids, anxiety, bullying, confidence & self esteem, homework tips, internet safety, mindfulness, positive discipline, parent-child relationship building, and the role of the school counselor.

Parent Communication

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Students will identify things that bug, annoy, and make them angry. They will sort different scenarios into bug me or do not bug me jars. Great for students who are struggling with anger triggers. Includes a digital learning version for Google Classroom Distance Learning.Includes: Activity description including instructions/walk through of activity, objectives, materials, guiding questions, ASCA standards alignment, and SEL competencies.What to do when something bugs you.What to do when somethin

Classroom Lessons

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Lisa McCormick LPC-S, RPT, IMH-E® on Instagram: "Loving my book bin labels by @collegecounselortraci 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I need a few more bins (and a little more cupboard space?! 🤪😃☺️🙈) for Compassion, Mindfulness, Self-Esteem, and Behaviors. But this will do for now 😃 I’ve also been working on a spreadsheet of all the books in each bin and will share that when it’s done. #bibliotherapy #gettingorg

School counseling office decor

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Solution Focused Counseling

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Peer Mediation

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Career Day

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Kindness Activities

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23 Behavior Interventions for The Kid Who Blurts, Blurts, and Blurts Some More
A blog post all about: MTSS 101 (Lingo and Basics), School Counselors and MTSS-A, What is MTSS-B and what are the supports?, MTSS-B Data, MTSS-B Meetings, MTSS-B and School Counseling


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Quick Meetings with the School Counselor (K-12)
School Counselor Minute Meetings Paper Form by Cutting Edge School Counseling
Digital Counseling Forms to Save Time

Counseling Curriculum

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Attendance Incentive by Adventures in Kinder and Beyond | TpT


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Find resources for Restorative Circle Prompts at The Radical Maestra Teachers Pay Teachers store!
20 Positive Behavior Rewards For Students. Students have individual goals, group goals, as well as whole-class goals. When we reach those goals, it’s definitely time to celebrate. PBIS education can be applied in any classroom. Today I wanted to share some of our favorite whole-class rewards that won’t break the bank and aren’t food based!
Monthly Attendance Celebrations - California Middle School


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Does your school use the Second Step skills for social emotional learning program? Enjoy these supplemental resources to help reinforce concepts and boost instruction!
SECOND STEP 2nd GRADE-21 Lesson Worksheets by Behavior Savers | Teachers Pay Teachers These lesson worksheets were designed to follow the 21 lessons of the Second Step Curriculum for 2nd Grade. They are the perfect extension to the lessons, homework, or small group lessons to reteach or reinforce the concepts.
SECOND STEP 1st Grade-21 Lesson Worksheets. These lesson worksheets were designed to follow the 21 lessons of the Second Step Curriculum for 1st Grade. They are the perfect extension to the lessons, homework, or small group lessons to reteach or reinforce the concepts.

Second Step

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4 fun bulletin board ideas for schools - A girl and a glue gun
Students choose a cup to decorate and write one way they can show kindness. Printable letters to creare bulletin board (different from what is shown). Kindness bulletin board, kindness crew, classroom

Bulletin Boards

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Need bulletin Board ideas? This puzzle bulletin board is perfect for back-to-school. Every student will feel included, part of the whole, and an important and necessary member of the classroom family. Routines and procedures are important on the first day of school, but the classroom climate will ultimately set your students up for success. Bulletin board ideas come and go, but this one can stay up in your classroom for the whole year. #backtoschoolbulletinboard #bulletinboardideas

Group counseling

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How to Put Together a Grief Tub and Why You Need One - Simply Imperfect Counselor

School-Wide Plan 2016-2017

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Introducing a powerful tool for educators and parents: the Feelings Thermometer. Ideal for a Calm Down Corner, this self-regulation activity aids children in recognizing and managing emotions. Join us to nurture emotional well-being in kids through this engaging and effective method.
kindness activity for classroom guidance lesson or small group counseling to show the kindness ripple effect. -counselor keri
Use these FREE growth mindset mantra posters as an encouraging coloring activity in your classroom. They will help create a positive conversation with your students about the power of growth mindset and offer sentiments they can say to encourage themselves and their peers. These posters are great to hang up around the room, or use to create a growth mindset bulletin board in the hallway. Your kids will love these mantra posters.

Trauma Informed/Regulation - SEL Day

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Trauma Informed/Regulation - Grief Activities

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Trauma Informed/Regulation - Crisis

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Help students have self-regulation tools at their fingertips! Great for classroom or small groups!
This self regulation small group for upper elementary kids will help with teaching students learn to identify their feelings, and develop alerting and coping strategies to manage their feelings. Includes 6 lessons with activities and discussion points, plus 2 bonus activities. Activities include printables, worksheets, games, etc. This works great for students with ADHD, autism and social skills deficits. Also a good supplement to the zones of regulation program!
With the exception of sensory tools you might want to supplement in a Calm Box, just about everything you might need to create a comprehensive Calm Corner / Cool-Off Spot / Peace Corner / Safe Space / Take a Break Station for your trauma sensitive and informed classroom (with options to use for personal home use, too). The underlying belief and philosophy: Every child is lovable, belongs and is doing the very best that they can given the resources and skills that they have.

Trauma Informed/Regulation - Self-Regulation

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Teaching Mindfulness in First Grade
Simple mindfulness activities for kids and young adults
Can ‘Mindfulness’ Help Students Do Better in School? - WSJ

Trauma Informed/Regulation - Mindfulness

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In-School Suspension Student Restorative/Reflection Handou
Reflection sheet Restorative practices, restorative discipline
Restorative Circles: A Classroom Management Approach

Trauma Informed/Regulation - Restorative Practices

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The zones of regulation
This resource is an accordion organizer to help students learn about the ZONES of Regulation and the blue, green, yellow, and red zones. Students will identify what situations put them in each zone, what strategies or tools get them out of each zone, and feelings associated with each zone.
Zones of Regulation Made Easy

Trauma Informed/Regulation - Zones of Regulation

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If you had issues getting your sensory bottles to work, try this easy peasy tutorial that will work like a charm. These calm down bottles can be customized with whatever you have at home and provide hours of fun! #sensoryactivity
Sensory Calm Down Bottles for the Classroom! Huge selection!
How to Make Stress Balls Everyone Loves

Trauma Informed/Regulation - Calm Down Bottles/Stress Balls

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