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a grey ottoman with plaid fabric on the bottom and ties at the top, sitting on a wooden floor
Upholstery for the lazy girl!
someone is sewing on some fabric with the words, drinking stream for threading draw cords
Use a Drinking Straw for Threading Draw Cords
three pictures showing how to make an origami bag with plastic bags and plates
DIY Fabric Face Mask Using Plate + Video | Fabric Art DIY
macrame wall hanging for beginners with text overlay
macrame wallhanging for beginners - My French Twist
A macramé wall-hanging tutorial for beginners! #macrameWallhanging
the instructions to crochet a beanie for beginners
One and a Half Hour Free Crochet Hat Tutorial for Beginners
a woman standing in front of a wall with the words how to transition a t - shirt
How to add fabric to bottom of shirts - simple tshirt refashion
See how to refashion a tshirt that is too short! This easy tshirt refashion idea combines too looks for a fresh new take.
the large hot pad is made from glass and has yellow fabric on it's edge
Large Hot Pad Tutorial - Auntie Em's Crafts
Grab any two fat quarters and some scrap batting. In about an hour, you can make yourself a large hot pad to protect your counter and table. Tutorial available on
the back of a woman's shirt that says how to match stripes like a boss
How to match stripes when sewing. Matching stripes is easy and effective.