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an outdoor kitchen made out of pallets and wooden pallets with chalkboard on the wall
Mark Making Matters - Dream Gardens for Kids - Busy Busy Learning
Early Years Garden of Our Dreams. Part 4 – Mark Making Matters - Busy Busy Learning
an outdoor area with various items on the table and in the background, there is a wooden fence
Mudpie Kitchen & Cafe
an old fashioned mud pie kitchen with flowers and dishes on it's stand in the grass
Creative Mud Kitchen Ideas
Just in time for summer.... Explore the health and brain benefits of mud play for kids, and find fun and creative ideas for a mud kitchen.
pots and pans sitting on top of an old stove in the middle of a garden
Mud Kitchens, Sand & Water Play
many pots and pans filled with plants on a table
an open suitcase filled with lots of bottles and other items next to a sign that says can you make a potion?
A suitcase of curiousities and provocations
an outdoor table is set up with plates and bowls on it, including pine cones
Get Ready For International Mud Day: Mud Pie Magic
two children are working in the garden with plants and other things on the ground around them
Nature play
A lovely EYFS maths area 😍
A lovely EYFS maths area 😍
a wooden bench sitting on top of a wooden floor covered in pots and pans
Mud Kitchen
a wooden bench covered in plants and potted plants
Get Ready For International Mud Day: Mud Pie Magic
Get Ready For International Mud Day: Mud Pie Magic | Cosy Direct Blog