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😍 Save your chest, you can walk freely at home, don’t worry about sweating wet clothes!
DIY Photo Luminaries on a Budget
the bed is made out of pallet wood and has pillows on it, but no sheets
Smart Sofa Beds That Save Space with Style
Smart Sofa Beds That Save Space with Style
the different types of airplanes that are flying in the sky, and what they mean to be
My blog is under construction
Wedding Timeline Checklist- This makes me laugh...who really plans their wedding in a year?!?! lol
an image of a flower that is on the lace table cloth with it's center piece
Definitely making these clips for mine and my bridesmaids hair :)
a collage of photos with women dressed in different styles and colors, including cake
Get the dress for $68 at saboskirt.com - Wheretoget
Super cute bridesmaid skirts instead of dresses. Each girl picks out their own blouse. These actually can be worn again! And much less expensive! Ohhh I'm loving this one :D
a man and woman standing next to each other while eating cake on their wedding day
Marry your best friend. Most amazing wedding picture EVER. :)
a pink vase filled with lots of candy covered in candies on top of a blue table
Paige is Two
Lollipop Bouquet -- for the kids table instead of flowers!!! This is happening at our wedding :D
some rocks with writing on them are sitting next to a vase filled with white pebbles
Guest Signing Stones with Vase. These are so cute I'm getting these for my reception tables