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a cactus in the middle of some rocks
Desert Cactus
a large cactus tree in the desert
Saguaro near Charlebois spring in Superstitions Wilderness
a pink flower on top of a cactus in the desert with wildflowers behind it
Blooming Cactus
a red flower is in the middle of some dry grass and weeds with rocks in the background
A desert flower
wildflowers grow in the desert with mountains in the background
msh0608-3 "fair" ground gives birth to desert flowers
an orange flower in the middle of a field
Desert Mallow in flower
yellow and white flowers growing in the sand
Desert flowers
a pink flower is blooming in the desert
Desert Cactus Flower II
purple cactus flowers blooming in the desert
Cactus Detail
a large cactus with yellow flowers in the desert
Desert cactus
a bright red flower in the middle of a cactus
Arizona Desert cactus
a pink cactus flower in the desert with rocks and gravel around it's edges
Arizona Desert cactus flower
red, yellow and orange flowers with green leaves in the foreground on a rocky surface
Summer Flower AKA "petit flamboyant"
an orange and yellow cactus flower in the desert