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an aloem plant in a pot on a white background with room for text
desk cactus
a close up view of a green plant with red tips
Fang, my cactus
some red and white plants with green leaves in the backround, close up
a close up view of a green cactus
desk cactus #1
a close up view of a cactus plant
desk cactus #2
the top view of a cactus plant with many small white dots on it's center
many small cactus plants in a basket together
many green and yellow cacti are in the plant area, with little leaves on them
a large green plant sitting on top of a white and brown plate covered in gravel
A. myriostigma 'Kitsukow form'
two large cactus plants with flowers on them in the desert near a town and mountains
Saguaro Cacti and flowers on A Mountain - Martinez Hill in the background - 20060527
a close up of a small green plant in the desert
a large green cactus plant in the desert
a large cactus in the middle of a dirt field
several cacti in the desert near rocks and trees
Silver Torch
a bright pink flower blooming on top of a cactus
Bevertail Cactus