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5 Fun Homemade Card Ideas #creative #DIY #gift #craft #card
a black and white photo with the quote you're part of a community that lives on an island, no other land mass in sight
20 Amazing Writing Prompts!
I've compiled a list of my top 20 favourite writing prompts, they all come from an Instagram page called Writing.Prompt.s, so if you are interested and enjoy my post, you should check out their Instagram! I love telling stories and I found these specific prompts to be some great starting material.
a quote that says at birth, everyone has the date they will die tattooed on their arm you were supposed to die yesterday
the instagram page on instagram's twitter account shows an image of a man with
a green background with the words one day, you notice there's a new key on your keyboard
~> A Gift That Keeps Giving by Easy-Writer
~> A Gift That Keeps Giving - a poem by Easy-Writer. All poetry poets - All Poetry
The Daily Prompt #464 - J. C. Cauthon, Creative Writing Prompts for Every Day of the Year #writingprompt #amwriting #creativewriting Writing Corner, Comic Book Writer, Writing School, Group Ideas, Word Building
Daily Prompt #464 - J. C. Cauthon - Free Daily Writing Prompts
The Daily Prompt #464 - J. C. Cauthon, Creative Writing Prompts for Every Day of the Year #writingprompt #amwriting #creativewriting
an image with the quote everyone has a shoulder angel and demon
Or, or, you could have one angel/demon and your soulmate would have the other. Just a thought.
the words are written in german and english
Schwarzer Kaffee13
an image of a beach scene with the quote'des ist alles deine schuld warm? '
"Das ist alles deine Schuld!" - "Warum?" - "Das fällt mir schon noch ein!"
two children sitting on top of a bench next to each other with a quote above them
Soulapp - Nutze deine innere Kraft
Gute Eltern bereiten nicht den Weg für ihre Kinder vor. Sie bereiten die Kinder auf den Weg vor.
a blue background with the words,'hexe 98, get mit der zeit '
Knusper Knusper Knäuschen, wer knabbert an meinem laktosefreien,
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