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Pearl Unicorn Circlet by Firefly-Path on DeviantArt
an image of a tray that is decorated with circles and dots on the bottom, as well as a spoon
Resin About | Katherine Price on Instagram: "Another day another playful Resincrete experiment…full process from start to finish! Check out those dreamy ice cream pastels, they’re just the best 🍧🍦 Think I need to work a bit on my blobs but I know these trays are becoming my latest obsession 🤩 Stay tuned for their debut in my next shop drop (date tbc) but if you want this one before it gets there, ping me a message 🫶🥰 Resincrete and Pigments @jdiction_officials - use code RESINABOUT for 10% off at checkout #resinabout #homeaccessories #handmadecoasters #satisfyingstuff #colourfulartwork #resinhomewares #giftideas #quirkygifts #uniquegifts #colourfulartwork #satisfyingpour #satisfyingvideo #oddlysatisfying #resincrete #blue #purple #white #pink #yellow #green #polkadot #bluemonday"
the best u - light for resin crafts
15 Best UV Light For Resin Crafts In 2021
Pooh Inspired 3D Drip Kid Tumbler Tutorial
Mica and glitter marble Tumbler
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Painting a Woodgrain tumbler with Alcohol Inks
Difficulty: Medium Supplies • 30 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler - Prepped and Painted Flat White • Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks - “Teakwood” and “Caramel” • Elf Fountain makeup brush
A hack for custom tumbler makers!
Using my dremel like tool to erase a mistake under epoxy
Heart Resin Jewelry
🩷🩵Enjoy the resin jewelry world! The resin craft we shared today is a beautiful heart resin jewelry. We added some beautiful decorations in it and applied a blue color resin to it. It's cute, isn't it? 🛍️Check the link, and enter discount code "200GRESIN" to save 20%
UV resin Cube Pendant
🧊🧊Let's create something refreshing for the scorching summer! Today's reel video features cute tiny resin ice-cube pendant jewelry. It's made with UV resin and finished in a few simple steps! Isn't it adorable? Welcome to leave a comment below about your 🆕newly completed UV resin creations.
two hands holding three different colored pieces of paper with rings on each one and the other
*Brand new WOW* Resin Technique anyone can do