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Anyone that wants to lose a few pounds for this holdays needs to use this! Fits For Summer, Mrs Hudson, Lose 10 Lbs, Londonderry, School Looks, Losing 10 Pounds, Foto Inspiration, Loose Weight, Autocad
Anyone that wants to lose a few pounds for this holdays needs to use this!
an image of people with glasses on their faces and the words glasses they matter
the magic of glasses
an image of the website for ghost recon
placement of online-ad for ego-shooter near political article
an advertisement for astra beer on a boardwalk with people standing near the water and one man pushing a wheelbarrow
Playing with political stereotypes
a bicycle with a sign attached to the back
Different way to protect your bike from thieves
a man's shirt with an image of a cowboy on it
silly t-shirt with fake sixpack and lederhose for tourists at Salzburg city
there are many different types of cell phones on the bed, all lined up together
devices of 20 years of personal mobile phone history from D-Netz to Smartphone UMTS
a sign that is in front of some bushes and grass with the words kartofflin written on it
farmers with sense for humour - parody on famous slogan "Eier von glücklichen Hühnern"
a couple of doors that have pictures of people on them and one is kissing the other
children in love at a door to the WC - separated by entrance
a door mat that says slide to unlock
risky message on doormat #fail
there is a silver car that has the word posst oma schlaft on it
"quite - grandma is sleeping"
two snails with speech bubbles on them sitting in the grass and one snail has its head down
animal love
the text message is being displayed on an iphone's screen, and it appears to be
SIRI failure on iphone
an electronic device displaying the time on it's display screen, with german text
railway humour and pragmatism