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three bottles of hair products sitting on a white counter next to a shadow from the wall
Act + Acre Product Photography
Cold pressed hair conditioner and shampoo. Branding and packaging for organic hair cosmetics. Modern, contemporary and elegant bottle design and brand. #packaging #product #photography #haircare #branding #design #contemporary #behance
four bottles of wine are lined up on a white surface, each containing different flavors
Sessions @ The Dieline Conference: Louise Fili
Sessions @ The Dieline Conference: Louise Fili | Dieline
A vibrant book cover made to look like the top of a tin fish container with a teal blue border, an orange layer and then a red center along with the title, The Italian Pantry. The Italian Pantry, Pastel Book Cover, Book Typography Design, Cooking Book Cover, Cook Book Ideas, Ricotta Polenta, Cook Book Design, Italian Packaging, Italian Graphic Design
Italian Pantry
Elevate your cooking and eating the easy way with The Italian Pantry. World-renowned chef Theo Randall shares his 10 pantry staples and reveals his favorite ways to cook with them through 100 fabulous recipes covering Tomatoes, Porcini Mushrooms, Parmesan, Lemons, Leafy Greens, Ricotta, Polenta, Pine nuts, Honey and Breadcrumbs. From simple pasta dishes and more extravagant dinners for when you have people over, to delectable desserts and classic Italian cakes, you'll delight in Theo's take on t
a white box with fish life printed on the front and sides, sitting on a white surface
The Classic Smokey Trio
two cans of beer sitting side by side
I will do your packaging box design, mailer box, product box and 3d render
a small round white container sitting on top of a yellow surface
Moisturizing Botanical Bar
Nopalera's Moisturizing Botanical Bar is hand-crafted with Mexican plant butter, oils, and botanicals with powerful moisturizing properties to provide intense hydration and reveal glowing, nourished skin. Key ingredients Nopal oil deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Tepezcohuite is a tree with highly skin-enhancing properties that promote cell regeneration. Direction for use: Simply rub directly on the skin. Thanks to its waterless properties it will melt on skin contact. This strong mois
an open box of bread on a blue background
Breana´s Toast — bakery
Breana´s Toast — bakery on Behance — Breana´s Toast is a bread based brand with a family bond in the backend. The project looks for those who seek products made slowly, respecting both the process and the full potential of a raw ingredient.