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a white sheet with some words on it and an image of a bunny in the middle
Hüpfe dich munter! - die Hasensportstunde (Osteraktion)
a tray filled with lots of different types of wooden blocks and numbers in each compartment
We created a new fall inspired math tray for students to explore with next week. 🍂🍁 #playexplorelearn #learninginlimestone #kindergarten…
a hand is shown with three lines in the middle and one line at the top
This is what I’m gonna leave to my grandchildren.
a clock and several matching tiles on a table next to a box with stickers
Lotería de Figuras Geométricas - Nicasio el Ratón
codigo 35 (loteria de figuras geométricas)
a piece of paper cut out to look like shapes and numbers on a wooden table
Publicación de Instagram de تجميع اعمال رياض الاطفال . • 27 Ago, 2015 a las 11:59 UTC
two green and white dices with black dots on them, one is facing the opposite direction
Würfelbilder A5 Tafelmaterial
Lernstübchen: Würfelbilder A5 Tafelmaterial
the letters are made out of popsicle sticks with different shapes and sizes on them
Leveled Shape Matching-jumbo Popsicle sticks. (From top) Level 2 (2 shapes per pair, random colors), Level 3 (3 shapes per pair, same color scheme throughout to demand attention to detail) and Level 4 ( 4 shapes per pair, same color scheme throughout to demand attention to detail). SKILLS: color recognition, shape recognition, matching (could be modified to expose students to patterns). Great for ECI