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an image of kente african art prints with text overlay that reads kente african art prints
Kente "Cloth": Afrikanisches Druckprojekt #afrikanisches #cloth #druckprojekt #kente
a drawing of a cow with flowers on it's head and arms, holding a stick
Johanna_P_6C by Kaja K, via Flickr
many different words are grouped together in the shape of a star on a wooden surface
Diese Sterne mit positiven Eigenschaften der Kinder kommen mit in die Abschiedstüten. Vielen Dank an @frau.goldisch für diese tolle Idee. ⭐️ #Materialwiese #Grundschule #Grundschullehrerin #Unterricht #Schule #Grundschulideen #Grundschulmaterial #Grundschulalltag #Grundschulunterricht #Grundschullehramt #Grundschulleben #Grundschulwahnsinn #Referendariat #Lehrer #Lehrerleben #Klassenzimmer #classroom #teacher #primaryschool #primaryschoolteacher #education #instateacher #teaching #school #el...
a woman is working on an art project
Silberzweig Self-Portraits
Silberzweig Self-Portraits
a drawing of a man with many different things on his face and neck, in front of a blue background
Welcome Thank you for taking an interest in your child’s art education. This year promises to be one filled with lots of learning and fun! The art curriculum for Kindergarten has four main goals. Students will: Make connections between art and their lives by communicating experiences and feelings through an exploration of a variety of drawing, painting, and sculpting materials and tools. Be introduced to a variety of materials. Reflect upon art through the development of a beginning art vocabulary. Incorporate a developmentally appropriate understanding of the elements of art and principles of design in their work. This website was created in order to help parents see first hand the learning that is taking place in the classroom. To facilitate this process, this website was created with three main purposes in mind: To provide parents with a general outline of the types of projects students will be working on throughout the year. (Projects are subject to change.) To showcase the amazing and creative projects done by this year’s talented group of Kindergarten students. To keep parents updated on any important information related to the art through the “Art News” section of this website. Whether students wonder how can I writemyessays or deal with any other projects, we’re here to provide the best solutions. Please be sure to check this site often for updates and news items. Thank you once again for supporting your child’s love of art! The art department looks forward to this exciting new school year.
A different take on the silhouette self-portrait.