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three wooden shelves on the wall above a baby's crib in a nursery
DIY Floating Shelves Plans and Tutorial
Transforming walls with a smooth touch! Skim coating magic in progress ✨ By: IG livingwithley
a table and chairs in a room with pictures on the wall above it, along with a potted plant
Cozy Breakfast Nook Packed With Pillows
a room with a table, bench and window in it that has a painting on the wall
Blackbird kitchen nook
an empty room with white walls and wooden benches on the floor in front of a window
DIY Corner Bench In Our Sunroom
the front door of a gray house with two baskets and brooms on the ground
three women sitting at a table with plates and bowls on it, in a kitchen
a paint brush sitting on top of some different colors of paint swatches and samples