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three different shapes are shown in this image
DOUBLE RING HOUSE — Clouds Architecture Office
a man standing in front of a white building on top of a grass covered field
This orb-shaped tiny house's odd exterior allowed its designers to maximize interior space — take a look inside to see how
two pictures of an outdoor seating area with benches and trees in the foreground, one has a large glass dome on it's side
The Design Of This Transparent Outdoor Structure Was Inspired By A Drop Of Water
an aerial view of a tent set up in the middle of a field at night
MEDUSA at RDS Showcase — Plastique Fantastique
several people are playing in an inflatable bubble pool on the grass near palm trees
'air-mountain' by aether architects is an inflatable pavilion designed for shenzhen
two people sitting on the floor in front of a large open space with white walls
Gallery of Gallery: The Serpentine Pavilion and Summer Houses Photographed by Laurian Ghinitoiu - 44
four different colored umbrellas with people standing in the middle one is yellow, blue, and red
grain editPaige + Modern