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a vase filled with paint brushes next to a wall covered in multicolored tiles
Artikel-Gewagte Farbenspiele | Aequivalere
DIE WAHL DER FARBEN-farben für wände
a person is sprinkling snow into a jar with christmas trees in the bottom
Diy Mason Jar Snowglobe
#DIY Mason Jar #Snowglobe #kids #kidsdinge
a small brown dog sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a glass door
Parent Dogs
so adorable. #labradoodle #dogs #cute
the cover of an art book with many different colors and patterns on it, including wavy lines
here comes the sun- yarn drawings perhaps?
a group of children sitting at a table with yarn and crochet supplies on it
Art ® - This page has moved...
Cup weaving. We did this when I student taught on a Navajo unit, and it took forever, but the kids LOVED it. Fourth Grade friends?
colorful glass tiles are stacked up in a rack
Tin Foil Line Relief
Tin foil, yarn, cardboard, and sharpies. This makes a cool low relief sculpture. Start by teaching about line variations, and color schemes (monochromatic, analogous, etc.). Cool project for 6-7th grade.
two pieces of art made out of paper on a purple background, each with different colored lines and shapes
The Elementary Art Room!
The Elementary Art Room!
four different colored paintings with mountains and trees in the background, one is made out of crayons
Mountain Landscapes
many different types of paper and scissors are on the table with words that say happy new year
More Georgia O'Keefe Art.....
Patterned Navajo rugs - I like the oil pastels on atop of sponge paint
this is a drawing of a map with different colors and shapes on it's surface
second grade art explorers
new city arts: second grade art explorers
a map is hanging on the wall with pins in it and many pictures are attached to the wall
Paper map+map pins+frames+spray paint+kids yarn+foam board=cheap $50 wall art for cross country move.
a piece of art made out of different colored papers on the ground with streamers attached to it
Completed Paper Weavings
1ST GRADE - Painted Paper Woven Mini Rugs. Fringe, and Pattern Applique with paper, yarn and bead scraps. Mixed Media - Weaving