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before and after pictures of a baby gate installed in a home's living room
How to Paint / Stain Wood Stair Railings (Oak Banisters & Spindles) WITHOUT SANDING!
DIY: How to Stain and Paint an OAK Banister, Spindles, and Newel Posts (the shortcut sanding needed!) |via Make It and Love It
a wooden sign that says welcome to our h - me with some decorations on it
Interchangeable HOME Signs -
I used 3 (Common: 1/2-in x 4-in x 2-ft; Actual: 0.5-in x 3.5-in x 2-ft) Poplar Board from Lowes and cut them to 20 inches long each. The 2 pieces on the back were cut from 1 (Common: 1/4-in x 2-in x 2-ft; Actual: 0.25-in x 1.5-in x 2-ft) Poplar Board. I made them long enough to go across all three boards at 9 inches each. I left a slight gap in between the boards before gluing (and nailing) them together. The sign dimensions ended up being 10.5 inches x 20 inches. Once the glue dried, I used
a metal cabinet sitting on top of a hard wood floor
File cabinet from thrift store, ceiling tile from Lowes, fitted, trimmed, and attached with strong double-sided tape (the kind used for the ceiling tile). Able to re-poke holes through tile for hardware. Voi la! Cute storage!
the drawers are labeled with different types of file cabinets
File Cabinet Update
Have you ever looked around your house and realized something you have is incredibly ugly? And it's not a new thing, it's something you've...
a black refrigerator freezer sitting in a kitchen next to a wooden sign that says home
Adeco Wooden Hanging Wall Letters "H" - White Decorative Wall Letter of Living Room, Baby Name and Bedroom Decor, Whitewash
Home decor with wreath
the before and after pictures of a tv stand in a room with pictures on the wall
You Don't Always Need A Contractor For DIY Home Improvements | My Dream House
55 Gorgeous DIY Farmhouse Furniture and Decor Ideas For A Rustic Country Home - DIY & Crafts
two pictures with lemons on the table and one has a sign that says, 12 free printables including this one
12 Free Printables to spruce up your decor! | Free printable with Today is a good day for a good day | Farmhouse printables | DIY home decor | Affordable home decor
the word home spelled in metal letters with a wreath hanging on it's wall
Oversized Hanging Letters
home decor, letter decor, H O M E , use a wreath as the O, diy, decor, signs, love, rustic, farmhouse, creative easy to hang ( aff link)
a chair with yellow and blue pillows in front of it, next to a shelf
Tommy Smythe bedroom, shades of gray, white, teal...
Tommy Smythe bedroom, shades of gray, white, teal...