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the ultimate guide to choosing your wedding photographer's color scheme for their photoshoot
Learn how to shoot on manual mode with your DSLR camera and take your photography to the next level. Become a better photographer with out cheat sheets, tips and tricks. Download our ISO cheat sheet now. #LearnPhotography
the instruction manual for how to use camera settings
Settings tips for beginners using a DSLR camera. Specifically using the Canon Rebel T6 camera in manual mode. Learn about shutter speed, white balance, ISO, and aperture. Start shooting like a pro!
the 31 day photo challenge is displayed in this screenshoter's phone screen
Photo Challenges for Any Month or Season | Bre Pea
Photography ideas and photography challenges, also great instagram ideas! | instagram, instagram tips, blogging tips, social media advice, instagram account, | #socialmedia #instagram #instagramtips
a red and black poster with information about the different types of objects in this photo
Photography Cheat Sheets - Amazing Tips For Brilliant Photos!
Photography Cheat Sheets - Amazing Tips For Brilliant Photos! - Hand Luggage Only - Travel, Food & Home Blog
a person holding their hand up with the sun setting in the sky behind them,
60 Most Amazing Photography examples around the world - Amazing Photos
a person standing in the middle of a street with their feet up on the ground
How I Created This Viral Puddle Reflection Picture in Photoshop
My name is Michael Pistono, and I’m a 28-year-old photo enthusiast living in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was recently playing around with a reflection photo when I had the idea of creating another one out of a puddle — one that featured both tall buildings and an airplane. The photo I ended up creating in Photoshop (shown above) went viral online. Here’s a look at how it was made.
an instruction for how to use a camera in the classroom, with instructions and examples
30 day photography challenge
Each day has a subject/theme for you to take a picture of. While I may not be able to write about something everyday, but I’m sure I can manage a picture. !