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Diane von Furstenberg: Woman in Charge is now streaming on Hulu.
The story of the iconic trailblazer known by her initials DVF worldwide. #DVFWomanInCharge is now streaming on Hulu.
a movie poster for redwood highway
Redwood Highway (2013)
the movie poster for mr morgan's last love, starring an older man and woman
Mr Morgan's Last Love [DVD]
the magic of belie isle on blu with an older man smiling and other people standing around
The Magic of Belle Isle (DVD), Magnolia Home Ent, Comedy -
the movie poster for me and you us forever, starring two people walking down a path
When Dave, a 47-year-old Christian, meets Carla at a divorce recovery group, the two forge a friendship and find they have a common bond: they’ve both been thinking about their lost “first loves.” As he reminisces about his high school sweetheart, Dave regrets he ever broke up with her—and wants to see her again.
the book cover for saran plain and tall, with three children sitting in a field
Great book and I remember watching the movie in class in elementary school :) I wish I could find it on DVD somewhere maybe Amazon?