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listen to this song, if you wanna feel again like the main character in your life
I CAN'T GET OVER YOU!!! Dance, Dark, Ego, Alter Ego, The Darkest, Cant Get Over You, Ballad, Get Over It
an mp3 player with three rolls of paper on it's side and the words data love run
das ganze album so fire!! weiß noch genau wo der Song rausgekommen ist, wie lost ich mich gefühlt hab und vergeblich versucht hab mich ins dating game zu stürzen
trust me
an image of a man and woman in bed with the text herzkrah baby b
dein herz ist aus eis und ich erfriere baby
an iphone screen with the message'this happened one, two, three times too much
an iphone screen showing the new love album on it's left and right side
getting me to open my heart is an expertise
an image of a person's face with the words think on it and another photo of
an audio player with the words brown eyes white boy on it's screen and headphones
bin viel zu gierig und ich fall in das Honigglas
an image of a music player that is playing on the phone and it's screen
ich hab so lang gewartet dass irgendwas kommt, aber nichts von dir kam
deine love ist mein serum