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a folded piece of paper sitting on top of a black surface with white lines in the middle
Radial V - III III MMIX by AndreaRusso, via Flickr ... And it's just paper.
the process of making an origami paper sculpture with scissors and tape is shown
Trendige Origami-Lampe zum selber machen / dekotopia
Lampe aus tonpapier Mehr
two pictures of purple paper folded in different directions
DIY – Origamibälle falten + Zwei neue Lieblinge im Badezimmer - my morningsun
Anleitung für den Origamiball Teil 2
a row of white folded paper sitting on top of a table
V-Fold Span
V-Fold Span Designer: Paul Jackson Diagram: Folding Techniques for Designers book by Paul Jackson Units: 1 rectangle Paper: Drawing paper
a black and white photo of some sort of abstract art work that looks like an origami piece
two different views of an object that looks like it is made out of white paper
Folded Paper Sculptures by Matt Shlian | Inspiration Grid
Folded Paper Sculptures by Matt Shlian | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration
two different views of folded paper in black and white, one showing the shape of an object
I would like to recreate this into packaging, possibly into a full circle...
an architectural model is shown in the dark with light coming from it's side
origami galerie
The arches helped me to come up with and idea that was circular in shape yet still not being a circle. Half circle and arches.
a folded paper sculpture sitting on top of a table
神奈川沖浪裏 - The Great Wave off Kanagawa by AndreaRusso, this is wonderful paper sculpture
an architectural drawing with lines and curves in the shape of a curved curve, as well as
Открытки в технике "киригами".
Открытки в технике "киригами". | Страна Мастеров
three black and white geometrical objects sitting on top of a cement floor next to each other
Variables Objekt (Dreiecksverbindung)
Franz Riedl | Variables Objekt | cardboard folding object photodocumentation