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the worksheet for beginning and ending sounds with pictures to be used as an activity
Short Vowel Word Families Picture Sorts
Flying into First Grade freebie - at/an, ag/am, ad/ap, en/ed, eg/et, it/in, ip/ig, op/ot, ob/og, ug/ut
a children's book about sight word binder with an image of a gumball machine
The Best Way to Monitor Sight Word Progress - Mrs. Richardson's Class
Kindergarten sight word data tracking doesn't have to be tricky! See how this teacher made it easy for herself and engaging for students!
an easter egg poem with the words'i don't want to say eggs '
Mooseclumps: Kids Learning Songs | T-Shirts, Stickers, Posters, & More
Egg! (from Mooseclumps, a book/blog of poetry for kids)
I'm a Little Snowman rhyme Love, Snowman Songs, Winter Rhymes, Winter Preschool, Preschool Songs
This Week in Pictures and Links (1/17-1/20)
I'm a Little Snowman rhyme
an orange octopus poem is shown with the words, i wish i was an orange octopus
An Orange Octopus Song
Lyrics to "Orange Octopus"
a hand holding a piece of paper with the word r on it, and an image of
Blending Cards for Early Readers
Blending Cards for Kindergarten, first and second grade reading. The cards can be used for instruction for kindergarten and first grade and and RtI for second grade. The cards are set up so that students: 1. Say the sounds • • • (with the large dots) 2. Blend the sounds (with the dotted lines) 3. Say it fast (with the arrow)
the color code for word work is displayed on top of a wooden table with candy
Phoneme Segmentation & Blending Made Easy
Phoneme segmentation & blending made easy with these tips and tricks for small group instruction! These are the perfect phonemic awareness activities for your guided reading lessons or literacy centers! Check out this color coded trick for teaching directionality and segmenting with CVC words!
an x - ray man makes handwritten excellent for children to learn how to write
X-Ray Man for Excellent Writing - Kids Play Smarter
DIY craft that teaches kids handwriting, letters, shapes, colors, and numbers by using a baby wipes box as an X-Ray Man.
pumpkin word family slides with free printables
Pumpkin Word Family Sliders
Fun word family slides. Great for reading and rhyming!
we are thanksgiving printable chart on a bulletin board
Thanksgiving Literacy Activity - Stay at Home Educator
Thanksgiving Literacy Activity
several yellow signs on the floor in front of bookshelves with writing and pictures
Fun way to retell a story.