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three glass pendant lights hanging from the ceiling
Pendelleuchte Fiona grau-transparent von Fabas Luce
a table with some lights hanging from it and a cup on the table next to it
Glühbirne goes Design: PLUMEN Energiesparlampe - BIORAMA
a display case filled with lots of white objects
Diamonds Displays for Counter | Jewelery Displays | Jewelry store displays, Retail jewelry display, Jewelry store design
a glass table with drawers underneath it in a store or office area, showing the contents on display
Wooden Jewelry Display Counter with Glass Showcase for Jewelry and Gemstone Store Design
the inside of a jewelry store with glass shelves and lights above them on wooden floors
there are several electronic devices on display in the wall next to each other, with lights above them
CASCA, chocolate bar and café / 2015
Identity, graphic design and interior design for a little artisan chocolate bar and café in Budapest.