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an image of some cute little animals on a green and white background with the word unge
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the website design is designed to look like an abstract geometric pattern, with different colors and shapes
Mitro Branding & Product Design
Mitro Branding & Product Design on Behance
the logo for world air charter on a black background with white clouds in the sky
World Air Charter
World Air Charter on Behance
hexagon logo on a blue background with the letter c in the bottom right corner
New Dunked Logo
New Dunked Logo by Jord Riekwel
the logo for martha's way with an arrow pointing up to its left side
Martha's Way
the letter m is made up of two different colors and shapes, including blue, pink, and grey
Personal Logomark
I'm toying with this as an option for my personal brand. Two Ms in a tangram-y fashion. Full explorations attached. Thoughts?
the letter m is made up of squares and rectangles