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people are sitting at tables on the edge of a large body of water with umbrellas over them
Gallery of Zhangjiagang Town River Reconstruction / Botao Landscape - 1
Zhangjiagang Town River Reconstruction / Botao Landscape
two people sitting on the edge of a curved bench
Hall of Science Discovery Terrace - SCAPE
urban landscape
there are many rocks and benches on the wooden flooring in this park area that is lined with trees
plank olika tjocklek på brädor
Projekt Vordemwald
a row of red benches sitting on the side of a road next to tall buildings
WMBstudio installs bench micropark on busy london street
wmbstudio bench
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a building with people walking around it
Platzgestaltungen müssen Witterungsschutz bieten, tagsüber und Nachts. Dieser darf, wie dieser von Local Architektur, die Sicht auf die Platzrandbebauung nicht stören.
there is a dog that is walking in the water at the park and then he has to go out for a walk
houblon: slow ottawa on