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an empty room with a large black object hanging from the ceiling in front of it
Troika ‘Dark Matter’, 2014
Troika, 'Dark Matter', 2014
a roll of toilet paper is hanging on the wall
Cheap & Easy Bathroom Styles Inspiration And Ideas
four black playing cards with red numbers and symbols on the front, one in pink
R2 . CA . 2023
the brake assembly is attached to the motorcycle's front wheel and rear axles
Bike stuff
some red and green crosses on a black surface
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a pink light hanging from a blue cord in a room with white walls and flooring
Les créations métalliques de Frederik Kurzweg – Miluccia | Inspiration décoration et design
Les créations métalliques de Frederik Kurzweg – Miluccia | Magazine d'inspiration décoration et design
a white chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Maarid 1-Light Chandelier - Beaded Chandelier - White Chandelier - Dining Room Chandeliers - Ceiling Fixtures - Lighting |
the asus gaming case is shown in black and has an external fanless side panel
R2 . CA . 2023: Photo
: Photo
an astronaut is standing on the moon with his hands in his pockets
1969 ... Apollo lunar suit
Anatomy of a Spacesuit
three tall concrete sculptures in front of a body of water
LED aluminium Bollard #light ALICE by Wever & Ducré | #design Joel Hesselgren
a brass colored propane tank with a gauge on the top and nozzles
NOVEMBER FAVORITES: D's Little List of Loves - DPAGES - a design publication for lovers of all things cool & beautiful
Luxe Copper Fire Extinguisher – Fire Design
two different angles of the back side of a black and gold shelf with lights on it
Clever designed multifunctional lamp hiding all necessary functionality. Design by C.T. Architects. Not sure if this is custom made or in production.
an old fashioned record player with a black disc on it's back side and white background
Product/Industrial Design Inspiration | #1229
Sony turntable
the different types of sofas and chairs are shown in various positions, including one on each side
Modern Furniture & Home Decor - Custom Furniture | Joybird
Get premium quality furniture made just for you with Joybird. With limitless…