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a wreath with moss, flowers and a cross on it
flowers and greenery are arranged in the shape of a number two on top of a box
two green heart shaped cushions sitting next to each other on top of a gray surface
Okrągły, czerwony Bloom, Red Flowers
Wieniec rzymski
white roses and greenery are arranged on a black table in a room with many other items
Mooskranz mit Kiefer
flowers are placed on top of a black table with two vases in the background
a purple flower laying on top of a white tile floor
an arrangement of flowers in a basket sitting on a table with utensils next to it
a bouquet of flowers is laying on the ground
a heart - shaped wreath with white flowers and greenery is on the ground next to a stone
a bunch of flowers are laying on a white tablecloth with green leaves and pink flowers
white roses are arranged in the shape of a heart on a black surface with green leaves
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