Mariä Lichtmess

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Mariä Lichtmess - Brauchtum in früherer Zeit
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Mariä Lichtmess - Brauchtum in früherer Zeit
a wooden plate topped with lots of lit candles
a cake with candles and a figure sitting on top of it in the middle of a circle
Jaarfeesten: Maria Lichtmis
a lit candle sitting on top of a table next to a wall with a dark background
Candle story for Candlemas
Candle story for Candlemas
three small cakes on a plate next to a cup with whipped cream and sprigs
LICHTMESS im Klee, Ostern im Schnee …
LICHTMESS im Klee, Ostern im Schnee …
some cookies with frosting and orange peels on them
(Advent) Candle Cookies - LeivinLiina
a young boy sitting in front of a window with candles
Waldorf Winter–Candlemas
Candlemas activity
two sugar covered donuts on a white plate with blue cloth in the back ground
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Schlenklweihnudeln – bäuerliches Gebäck zur Lichtmess -
a drawing with words written on it
Jaarfeest Maria Lichtmis ~ Antroposofisch
an older man is holding a basket full of breadsticks in front of him
Navettes: der Keks zu Mariä Lichtmess - Mein Frankreich
Süße Schiffchen aus Marseille - besonders lecker bei José Orsoni