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a large tree that is next to a wooden walkway
A twisted pomegranate, a 250 year old oak and an art class
two large rocks sitting next to each other in the woods
a large rock with a tree growing out of it
the tree of life at disney's animal kingdom is surrounded by lush green grass
a large tree in the middle of a forest with blue sky and clouds above it
an old, twisted tree in the woods
The Black Hat Society
Natur ist so schön
an old car is parked in the middle of a giant sequta tree, with its trunk sticking out
TS) GIANT SEQUOIA Tree~Seed!!!~~~~~~~~~The King of Trees!
~~~HEIRLOOM VARIETY~~~***REDWOOD*** (Tree)"Giant Sequoia" variety (Sequoiadendron giganteum)5 seeds/pack The California Redwood Giant. Seeds are from California resulting in seeds from larger, more viable seeds. Evergreen of columular form that is extremely drought resistant. Irregular germination times make this difficult to start & should be planted in a rural area as it does not make for a happy neighbor, dropping plenty of bark & needles everywhere. Hardy in zones 6-8.~~~LEVEL of EX
a man standing next to a large tree in the middle of a field with lots of green grass
Oak tree 🌳 Kent, UK🇬🇧
an old tree stump in the middle of a field