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a poster with an image of a woman riding a bike and the words bicycle brilliant on it
Bicycle Graphic Design
an advertisement for a wine bar with a glass of red wine
A.M. Cassandre
an advertisement for the famous paris restaurant prunier, featuring fish on a table
Cassandre: Fabulous Vintage Posters By The Legendary Graphic Designer - Flashbak
an old poster advertising aeropostale in paris, with a plane flying through the sky
LXXXIV Featured Artist: Cassandre – Rennert's Gallery
a poster with the words noir on it
three posters depicting different types of people drinking
Celebrating Cassandre: Gorgeous Vintage Posters by One of History’s Greatest Graphic Designers
a man driving a red race car down a street with the words frank franks on it
Las ilustraciones de Mads Berg y el arte de recuperar el Art Déco
an advertisement for the exacttude train
A.M Cassandre
a poster for the movie'en wagon etts 2 classe ', with an image of a giant ball on top
A. M. Cassandre. Voyagez la Nuit en Wagons-Lits. 1930 | MoMA
a man sitting at a table with a bottle of wine in his hand and the words dubonnet on it
Rennert's Gallery — Dubonnet. 1933. A. M. Cassandre. Each: 11 5/8 x 15...
two posters depicting different types of shoes and the words une chaussiers du homies
Cassandre le magnifique, 1901-1968
an old poster with a horse's head and wheels on the side of it
Bugatti Poster by AM Cassandre 1925