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two people sitting in the open windows of a house that is made out of wood and glass
Charming Cabin Built for $500 with Repurposed Windows
Cabin built for $500 with re-purposed windows in the mountains of West Virginia (with probably very little energy efficiency, but hey, it's pretty).
a living room filled with furniture and wooden stairs
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an image of a food truck with many things on it's roof and shelves
Living the Van Life!
a kitchen and living room are shown in this image
Tiny Cabin in Neutrals
the before and after pictures of shipping containers
a house in the woods with steps leading up to it's deck and patio
Green Style: A Secluded Cabin To Get Away From It All
a small blue house surrounded by lots of plants and flowers in front of the door
Returning to Our Roots // Plotting our Kitchen Garden — Under A Tin Roof™
a man standing in the doorway of a tiny cabin on stilts next to a tree
an open kitchen with wooden floors and skylights
Una casa de aires tropicales - Vintage & Chic. Pequeñas historias de decoración
an unusual house made out of stone and glass
Fashionably Aspen
a woman is sitting in a hammock hanging from the ceiling above a living room
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