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the moon is setting over the ocean with rocks
El tiempo cambia las cosas,eternizar el instante...Un sueño acaso... En autodefensa nos dejamos sus cicatrices,ésa es nuestra historia ...Los deseos de habitar la vida, no sólo transitarla.Por esa imperiosa necesidad de saborear los sinsabores en vez de habitarlos,por la pasión de hacer y no sólo observar...Aunque nos fracture uno que otro hueso del Alma...
an old stone building with trees in the foreground and a photo of a castle on the other side
Eilen Donan Scotland
a lake surrounded by mountains with flowers growing on the shore and in the foreground
So beautiful
an old house with ivy growing on it's roof and windows, surrounded by greenery
Who convinced you that you can not live like this? Life is way too short to live in boring houses.
a waterfall with fall leaves on the ground next to it and a fallen tree trunk
a painting of a mountain with trees and flowers in the foreground, near a lake
#NaturePhoto #Naturaleza
Black Cat Inspiration
NameBright - Domain Expired
Black Cat Inspiration
wildflowers and other flowers are in the foreground with a sunset in the background
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a wooden walkway leading to a lake at sunset
En magisk bild
a river flowing through a lush green forest covered hillside next to tall rocks and trees
Banff National Park is One of The Most Beautiful Places to Travel in Canada
Johnston Canyon at Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada
a river running through a lush green forest filled with rocks and trees on either side
Nur sitzen und die Stille hören...
the sun is setting over the ocean with rocks in the foreground and waves on the shore
Michael Parrotte
Nature & Science - The wonders and science of our world
the stairs lead up to an amazing lake with mountains in the background and candles lit on them
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Moraine Lake - CANADA
a stream running through a lush green forest filled with lots of pink and white flowers
Feng Shui ♣ Archives - Page 2 of 4 - Elena Arsenoglou Interior Designer - Έλενα Αρσένογλου Διακοσμήτρια
All things that truly matter -- beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace -- arise from beyond the mind. ~Eckhart Tolle
a waterfall in the middle of a forest filled with trees and water flowing down it's sides
Zargoza Falls 501wall mural
Zargoza Falls, Monasterio de Piedra, Spain
cherry blossom trees line the bank of a river with a mountain in the background,
忍野村の春 | 自然・風景 > 世界自然遺産の写真 | GANREF
an image of a lake that is surrounded by trees and rocks with the sun setting in the background
Which Natural Landscape Matches Your Personality?
Are you a beach bunny or a mountain goat? Take this fun quiz to find out!
a river running through a lush green forest next to a rocky mountain range in the distance
Zion Canyon, Utah
the sun is setting over a field full of dandelions
Not sure what tupe of plant these are that sun is shining off of. Bit they are beautiful!
trees are reflected in the still water at sunset, with pink and purple hues
purple + pink SUNSET at River Odra, Czech Republic #by Jan Bainar
a painting of trees and flowers in the forest with sunlight coming through them, on a canvas
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Where is this you ask? Close your eyes. Do you see it? Take yourself to "there". ~Lorelei™ ... #Photo #Photography #Nature #NaturePhotography #Landscapes #Sunsets
an old building on the side of a river
33 Most Beautiful Places in Italy – Page 29
Lake Como - Italy
the sun is setting over the ocean with sea oats
Sunset ~ Beach of La Digue du braek of Dunkerque, France | Photography by Dubus Laurent
a river flowing under a bridge surrounded by rocks and trees in the forest with blue water
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
LAKE LOUISE ALBERTA,CANADA! Beautiful coloured stones path to a rented cabin, One of the Lakes more pure and beautiful in the world , featuring water turquoise is located in Banff National Park, in Alberta, Canada. Lake Louise, featuring water turquoise and a mountainous setting, is hidden in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
the mountains are covered in snow and blue water with pink flowers growing out of them
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Lake of Sorapis
a palm tree on the beach at sunset
Luxurious Impressions
Strand, Meer
an autumn scene with colorful trees surrounding a lake
DesignPics Art
Cozy cabin in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada • photo: Alan Marsh on Designpics | @explorecanada
an old castle perched on top of a cliff surrounded by trees and greenery under a cloudy sky
Lichtenstein Castle - Honau, Germany (HDR) - farbspiel photography
Lichtenstein Castle (HDR)Honau, GermanyCell phone Wallpaper / Background re-sizeable for all cells phones.
a wooden bridge over a body of water surrounded by lush green trees and greenery
two swans are swimming in the water surrounded by colorful trees
Autumn in New Hampshire, USA
Diese Farben.....
a scenic view of the water and mountains
Fjord, Norway
the sun is setting over the ocean with waves crashing in front of it and pink clouds
Den passenden Koffer für eure Reise findet ihr bei uns:
a flock of birds flying in front of the sun at sunset or sunrise over water
Amazing sunset with birds...
the sun is setting over the ocean with waves
the sun is setting over the ocean with waves coming in to shore and pink sky
Den passenden Reisebegleiter findet ihr bei uns:
three palm trees are silhouetted against the sunset over the ocean in front of an orange and green sky
Meer, Sonne, Palmen