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a scarecrow sitting on a bench with hay in front of her face and hands
'Scarecrow Festival' - Helena Sierakowska | Carbost, Skye
a scarecrow is holding a bird in his hand
Guernsey - Places - Torteval Scarecrow festival
a scarecrow standing in the middle of a garden
love this scarecrow!!
a scarecrow doll standing in the middle of a garden
little green fingers
Mini scarecrow
a man in a red shirt and hat standing next to a yellow flower garden with a shovel
Griffin Campus - Departments & Offices | College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
Hey Dude scarecrow
a scarecrow standing in the middle of a garden
Scarecrow in a field--Russian site: How to make a garden scarecrow with his own hands? Easy! Take a count of stick nailed to it crossbar - it will hand. Dress up this old coat rack suit, or dress, stuffing grass or straw. Making the head of an old pillowcase, fill with straw, sew on buttons for eyes and nose, mouth paint or draw a marker. Head scarecrow set up on the top of the stake above - an old bucket or hat. All scarecrow ready!
three dolls are standing in the grass with their hands on each other
Family Scarecrows
a scarecrow holding a baby in his arms
Harvest #babywearing!
two scarecrows sitting on hay bales in the woods
via http://jfierrophotography.wordpress.com/
a scarecrow standing in the grass with his arms outstretched and hands behind his head
Traditional Scarecrow Ideas, Traditional Style Scarecrows
This is a great site for creating your own scarecrow...lots of ideas. I prefer a more traditional scarecrow, but this has a lot of imaginative options.
a scarecrow is standing in the garden with his arms stretched out and head wrapped around
Larsen - vogelscheuche - palma vogelscheuche vogelmann la
two scarecrows standing in the middle of a flower garden with lots of flowers
Spirit Message of the Day – Mabon, The Autumnal Equinox 2010
scarecrows | Garden Scarecrow Ideas
a scarecrow in a blue dress and straw hat standing next to a tree with his arms outstretched
Eine Vogelscheuche für den Garten basteln
a scarecrow standing in a garden with her arms out to the side and hands outstretched
SchädelMädel - Ausflug ins Freilichtmuseum Detmold
Fröhliche Vogelscheuche