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an easter egg decorated with flowers and leaves is being held by someone's hand
Beautiful floral Easter eggs {using tattoo paper}
These are the prettiest Easter eggs I've ever seen! Plus they're so easy, kids can make them - you use temporary tattoo paper! Click over for the free printables.
some flowers and chocolate eggs on a table
DIY: Natürlich Ostereier Färben - we love handmade
Bereits letztes Jahr haben wir mit natürlichen Färbemethoden experimentiert. Heuer haben wir erneut zu nicht chemischen Techniken gegriffen und auch gleich den Ombre-Effekt ausprobiert. Ihr braucht: Topf 0,6l Hollundersaft dunkel (100% Muttersaft) (bekommt ihr im Reformhaus oder in der Drogerie) 0,6l Heidelbeersaft (100% Muttersaft) jeweils 0,6l Wasser 10 Bio-Eier Essig<p><a class="continue-reading" href="">weiterlesen ...
an image of different colored eggs on white paper
I made this Easter egg natural dye chart a few years ago so I could remember each year how I achieved the colors. You can read next to each egg the dye type, the color of the egg brown/white, vinegar or no vinegar, and the soak time. You will find this and further details for naturally dyeing eggs if you search { naturally dyed eggs } on our journal. You can throw some fabric or yarn into the dye pots too! Note: the top right should say onion skins!
green olives in a bowl and on a wooden table next to some leaves with a spoon
Bild: 3 - Ostereier verzieren mit Wasserfarben
Eier mit einem klassischen natürlichen Farbmittel verzieren: Brennnessel
an assortment of different colored drinks in glasses with whisks sticking out of them
Ultimate How-to for dying Easter eggs with food coloring | Skip To My Lou
Ostereier färben Tricks
three different colored eggs sitting next to each other on top of a table with liquid in front of them
5 Easy & Creative DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
Polka Dot Dyed Easter Eggs | DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids
an image of easter eggs with bunny ears painted on them
Sharpie Easter Egg Decorating Idea - Cutesy Crafts
Sharpie Easter Eggs, this would take so much time, but might actually keep the kids busy for a while. As long as they don't get bored & give up!
a vase filled with white flowers and greenery
Wood, Moss, Carnation Centerpieces
Wood, Moss, Carnation Centerpieces
two different pictures of branches with flowers in them and candles on the table next to each other
Woodland Wedding Centrepieces ~ Twig Vase / Lantern
Twig Vase / Lantern
a vase filled with white flowers sitting on top of a table next to a doily
30 Beautiful DIYs for Your Spring Decoration 2022
Beautiful Butterfly Bouquet.
a glass bowl filled with flowers on top of a wooden table
gebogen tulpen in vaas. Foto geplaatst door nickschreuder op
gebogen tulpen in vaas
there are two pictures with flowers in them
13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks
#7. Use bubble wrap for floating flowers. -- 13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks
a candle that is next to some flowers
My inner landscape
heather votive
a candle that is sitting in a glass vase with lavenders on it and the words crea bonitos portavelasa o comparitar
Tie some lavender around a votive; Matches my colors, and would smell good! :)