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an image of a lamp that is being made with clay and some lights on it
Het ziet er erg gezellig uit en ik geniet van de heerlijke warmte die het straalt!
three different views of a clay fired stove with candles in the front and on the back
Security Check Required
The Terra-Cotta space heater can heat up an entire room with just a few candles that cost roughly 15 cents per day!
Klemens Torggler's kinetic objects
Truly unique door!, how about for ours?
a large piece of wood sitting on top of a cement floor
Railroad track anvil
This was my second home made anvil. It seemed like a good idea but the overall weight was to low and I never really used it much.
a wooden clock with gears attached to it
Geared Wheel Light Switch Plate Cover
Pre-Assembled (Not a kit) These whimsical set of gears translate a rotary action into a vertical motion. Sure to add a little twist to any room. Created with brass hardware and laser engraved details.
two different views of the same metal object
Houtsplitter, Houtklover, omgekeerde bijl voor haardhout -
Wood splitter, Log Splitter, wood chopper, axe, ax, hatchet perfect for starting a fire Handmade by Zjakkoo Blacksmith
a man standing next to a large metal object
Puerta corredera plegable