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the water is blue and there are palm trees in front of it, with mountains in the background
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Bora Bora ...sigh...wish I was there
an aerial view of the resort and lagoons in the middle of the ocean, with palm trees
Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas A place to get away for one week vacay. Can't wait!!!
a boat on the beach with palm trees in the foreground and flowers in the foreground | Expert Travel Info & Tips: From Islands, to Mountains, & Everything In Between
an elephant is standing in front of some trees and mountains with snow on the top
2 giants
I really want to go and see elephants. They are one of my favorites and i cant wait to Go on safari
a painting of trees with pink flowers on the ground
실시간바카라온라인바카라와와바카라생중계바카라생방송바카라라이브바카라인터넷바카라마카오바카라테크노바카라바카라싸이트바카라사이트바카라게임바카라게임사이트블랙잭바카라 Take me away!
an outdoor swimming pool with lounge chairs and palm trees in front of the beachfront
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Likuliku Fiji
the full moon is shining brightly in the dark sky, with clouds surrounding it and blue hues
two people are standing in the water under an arch at the beach with rocks on either side
Top 10 Most Fascinating Photos For Travel Lovers
Playa de las Catedrales, Galicia, Spain
the water is crystal blue and green in this beach scene with trees on both sides
Paradise found on Menorca
Menorca, Spain
the galactic spiral galaxy with stars in the background
Infinity Imagined
I used to want to be an astronomer and it is something that still really interests me. I love space and stars and galaxies and constellations. <3 *