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the back of a woman's sweater that has holes in it and is slightly visible
a colorful sweater hanging on a green door
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a multicolored knitted sweater hanging on a wall next to a coffee cup
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the words mosaic knitting 101 on top of an afghan
Mosaic Knitting 101 — With Wool
The real secret behind Mosaic Knitting? It's made of 2 row stripes and you just happen to be slipping stitches as you go. The technique only uses one strand of yarn at a time and the results are amazing.
several knitted items are laid out on a white surface, including the human body and organs
A Few things I love...
knitted internal organs. love these! I showed them to my sister-in-law and she goes "I think it would be a little disturbing to see the intestines go flying across the room when the kids are playing with them."
a woman standing in front of a white wall with her hands on her hips and looking at the camera
two pictures showing how to crochet the end of a knitted blanket with pink yarn
Knit It Now. oops.
Rescue a dropped stitch | Knit It Now
many different types of knitted items are shown
30 Days To Better Knitting, Day 2: Which knitting cast on methods do exist and how are they done? Learn how in the 30 Days to Better Knitting challenge.
the instructions for how to crochet
The Lovable Magic Loop - Knit Darling
The Lovable Magic Loop - Knit Darling
a woman wearing a knitted cowl with text overlay that says, knit fair isle cowl easy free knitting pattern
Alpine Heights Knit Fair Isle Cowl
Alpine Heights Knit Fair Isle Cowl via @MamaInAStitch - a really easy, knit scarf cowl pattern with pictures to help you along. #freepattern #knitting #crafts #diy
the chart shows how to use crochet sheets for knitting and other crafting projects
Great Cheat Sheets For Knitters
Cheat Sheets for knitting! Oh how I love this. Want to print it out and laminate it :)