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a gray and green checkered wallpaper pattern
There are no curved lines in this picture.
a water dispenser with ice cubes in it
Superfluidity of helium: As the temperature drops closer to -271 degrees Celsius (absolute zero), helium begins to flow out of the vessel with zero resistance, allowing it topass through otherwise solid objects - GIF
a black and white photo with the words, where do they cross? on it
Hypnotizing - Awesome
the letter o made up of small white dots on a black background with space for text
Pretty ring thing - GIF
Pretty ring thing
a red and white window on the side of a building with no glass in it
Watch until the end - Funny
Watch until the end
a man's face is made out of paper and other things on the wall
This 3D composite hybrid (credit: Thomas Deininger) - Awesome
This 3D composite hybrid (credit: Thomas Deininger)
two balls are in the middle of an abstract pattern
I bet you can't stop this gif - Funny
I bet you can
a hand is pointing at an image on the floor with squares and rectangles
Lightness Perception - Funny
Lightness Perception
an empty chair sitting in front of a camera
The hidden chair - Funny
The hidden chair
a needle is being used to thread the stitches on someone's arm and back
How this injection clears out varicose veins - Awesome
an abstract black and white pattern with vertical stripes on the bottom, diagonal horizontal lines in the middle
There are 16 circles in this image - Awesome