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an open notebook with numbers and symbols drawn on it, along with the words'way to make 5 - 11 '
Math Journal: "Tools for your Toolbox"
Miss Van Maren's Fantastic First Grade: Math Journal: "Tools for your Toolbox"
instructions for how to fold an origami book with numbers and symbols on it
Four folding maths puzzle books - ideal for end of term work or homework
an image of a woman's head with the word mind on it, in front of
A fun 'word puzzle', mental maths activity involving fractions and percentages.
the numbers are in different colors and sizes
This high quality 'real life' number grid gives a new lease of life to an old mental and oral maths challenge
the magic square challenge is shown with numbers
Magic Square Challenge - adding a bit of team spirit to a maths problem solving activity
the lego math games are fun for kids to play with and learn how to use them
LEGO® math games
Lego math games: some great ideas, well presented -, via Flickr
two different numbers are shown in the form of an x, y and 2x
Mixed calculation, Mental and Oral Starters: teaching mental calculation strategies
the book jumpstart numeracy is next to two dices and a pencil
JumpStart! Numeracy -
Highly recommended book of mental arithmetic activities
four squares with numbers on them and one has the same number in each row, which is
Target Boards for Mental and Oral work - number properties
a square with numbers on it is shown
Number PowerPoint - for creating challenging, quick-fire mental and oral calculation problems.
four black and white numbered numbers are on the same row as one number is 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6
A mental and oral starter focussed on 'counting' and place value. Easily adapted to suit all ages of children.
an image of a combination lock with the words what's the code then?
Mental Mondays #9
A mental and oral starter involving problem solving and place value.
an image of a woman's head with the word mind on it, in front of
A growing collection of our Mental and Oral Starter activities and ideas.
an image of a number line with two different numbers on it, and one has the same
Mental Mondays #7
Number lines become 'problems'; offering children an opportunity to practice their calculation and problem solving skills. A versatile idea that is easy to adapt for all ages and abilities.