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a living room with two chairs and a glass table in the middle of the room
Wood Stump Coffee Table with Round Glass Top Nature Inspired Living Room | Interior Design Ideas
a table made out of branches with a bonsai tree in the middle on top
Couchtische aus Wurzelholz | Baumstamm Tisch | - Bam
a man using a power drill on a tree stump
DIY Tree Stump Table
a large tree trunk with wine bottles attached to it
Weinflaschenhalter aus Schwemmholz 2m
a wine rack made out of driftwood with six bottles on it and one empty bottle in the middle
Einfach ein Weinregal der besonderen Art, das durch seine Natürlichkeit besticht. #Weinregal #Weinflaschenhalter #Treibholz-Weinständer #Schwemmholz #Weinregal #Weindisplay #Holzweinständer #Weinaufbewahrung #Weingestell #Unikat #ThatUsedToBe
a table with a lamp on top of it next to a tree stump and a white shade
Linea kaani, radice in movimento | homify
Finde tropische Wohnzimmer Designs von Radice In Movimento. Entdecke die schönsten Bilder zur Inspiration für die Gestaltung deines Traumhauses.
a pine cone is placed on top of driftwood and has been made into a christmas tree
Basteln einfach gemacht
three shelves with various items on them in the corner, one shelf is made out of wood
Regale selber bauen: 73 tolle Beispiele und pfiffige Ideen