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a poster with different weather symbols on it
Немецкий язык
Немецкий язык
the words in german are written with pink cats
Uleidiomas on Twitter
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a piece of paper with writing on it that says, don't write stuff
Окончания прилагательных в Nominativ!
an artistic drawing with trees and mountains in black and white, on a white background - Motif “ MOUNTAIN “
the german language is used to learn how to spell cats
Präpositionen - voorzetsels - Duits - Deutsch -
an american flag and some yellow ribbons on top of a paper workbook with words written in german
Wortartenpommes🍟 Ähnlich wie Wortartenpopcorn, aber dieses Mal mit schwereren Nomen und alle Nomen sind klein geschrieben, sodass die Nomenprobe eingesetzt werden muss! Den Kindern gefällt es!😊👍🏼 . . ‼️Das Material werde ich noch heute auf meinem Blog hochladen! Schaut doch mal vorbei!😊‼️ . . #wortarten #wortartenpommes #pommes #deutschindergrunschule #froileinskunterbunt #froileinkunterbunt #grundschule #grindschullehrerin
four different pictures of an animal with words on them
Egons Klassenraum
Blanko Bild Egon Eule - Blanko Bild (PDF) ____________________________________________________ Einfacher Wimpel Wimpel Schu...
a basket filled with yellow candles next to a sign that says less - eier
Grundschultante: Lese-Eier
an english worksheet with pictures of people talking to each other in different languages
Learn German on X
(4) Learn German (@learngermann) / Twitter
a blue and white sign that says, why your lesson plans aren't working
Why Your Lesson Plans May Not Be Working | Teacher Off Duty
a flower made out of handprints on a bulletin board with the words, we are
Back to School Bash! - Mrs. Thompson's Treasures
a poster with instructions on how to use the faustt - loss language
„Gewaltprävention in Grundschulen“, Poster Stadt Düsseldorf
a blackboard with an image of two monkeys sitting at a table and the words in german on it
unterrichtsmaterial-kostenlos - Zaubereinmaleins - DesignBlog
a group of children standing in front of a sign
Lernen - Schule - Regeln