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a table with paper cut out to look like children's handmade kites
a cross made out of yellow paper with the word abc and m on it
Friday Freebie: Word Work - at Word Family
a child is holding up a notebook with rain drop dot letter r written on it
christmas tree play dough activity tray for toddlers and preschoolers to make with their hands
Christmas Tree Play Dough Tray - The Imagination Tree
three wooden bowls with beads in them sitting on a tray next to two small trees
Christmas Math Game with Jingle Bells
Easter Activity
Counting Bubbles Sensory Bag
Crazy Rainbow Hair Fine Motor Activity for Kids
a bulletin board with writing on it in a school hallway or classroom room that has been decorated
two crayons are next to a card with the letter a on it and some crayons
Learning Letters with Crayons Printable Task Cards