Lernpakete Home Schooling 3.Klasse

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two envelopes that have been made to look like rainbows
Geschenkidee zum Abschied für Freunde oder für die Erzieher/innen
four cards with pictures of animals and balloons
Ein bunter Gruss – Klassenkunst
two children's books are sitting on top of each other, with the title in german
Fitnesspass für zu Hause
two bags filled with candy sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Dieses DIY Mitbringsel ist schnell und einfach gemacht
two children's bookmarks with the words in german and english
Blog | Feedback-Karten fürs „Lernen zuhause“
there are many signs on the table for children to use
Kinder-Home-Office – Klassenkunst