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a birthday cake with green shoes and candles
Crocs Birthday cake
a birthday cake is decorated with green frosting and butterflies on the top, along with a sign that says 50
Birthday cake - bicycle🚴‍♀️
a table topped with a cake and flowers
a birthday cake with a woman in a wine glass on the top and words written below it
11th Birthday- decorated cake 11th Birthday, Cake Decorating
11th Birthday- decorated cake
a birthday cake for someone's 50th with an image of a mouse on it
50th b-day cake 🙌🏻 #catlove #wine4life
a birthday cake with the number 50 on it
50th Birthday cake
there is a cake with minnie mouse on it and other decorations around the cake, along with cups
Minnie Cake
a white cake with yellow decorations on it
Motivtorte zur Firmung
a bundt cake sitting on top of a red napkin next to yellow and white flowers
Veganer Marmorkuchen
two strawberries sit next to a piece of chocolate cake on a wooden cutting board
Vegan brownie
Decorated cake - Work Life Balance "Get ready for school" Get Ready For School, Ready For School, School Readiness, Work Life Balance, Work Life, Life Balance, Get Ready
Decorated cake - Work Life Balance "Get ready for school"
a blue table with a pie and flowers on it
Happy Mother's Day